My Vegetarian Life

About 8 years ago, I was working as a substitute teacher, so I had the summer off.  In between trips to the beach, I watched A LOT of Netflix.  I started watching documentaries about food, diets, factory farms and slaughterhouses.  I was never a HUGE meat eater and after watching these documentaries, I decided not... Continue Reading →

Cooking and Eating Out

I live with my husband Chris, son Jake (who are a carnivores) and my daughter Hannah (who occasionally eats meat).  I am the main cook and cooking 2 separate meals is usually not how I want to spend my evening.  Over the years, I have found many recipes I can prepare most of it vegetarian,... Continue Reading →

Animal Welfare

I love animals!  I started thinking, why is it okay to kill and eat some but not others?  That cow, chicken or pig want to live just as much as your cat or dog!  Not to mention the horrible conditions they live in at a factory farm! North American Vegetarian Society reports that farm animals... Continue Reading →

Food Safety

Because of the horrid conditions factory farm animals live in, feces gets all over them.  When they are slaughtered, some of the bacteria from the feces gets on the meat.  Also because they are fed foods they would not normally eat (feed instead of grass, etc.), their stomachs contain more bacteria and they get infections... Continue Reading →

The Envirnoment

All those animals hurt the environment! Humans eat about 230 million tons of cows, chickens, sheep and pigs.  They all need large amounts of food and water, emit methane and other greenhouse gases and produce huge piles of poop (The Guardian).   Greenhouse Effect Time Magazine reports that livestock alone account for more than 14%... Continue Reading →

Health Benefits

I don't claim to be an expert or even a role model.  I still eat way too much processed food, but some days I am just lazy and don't feel like cooking. My "go-to" easy meal is a quesadillas/grilled cheese.  I will add veggies like tomatoes or spinach if I happen to have them handy. ... Continue Reading →

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